Monday | 26. 9. 2022 | 20:00

    Theatre Hall, Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads, 14 Skuteckého St

Running time: 50 mins I adults 10 € I students 7 €


The production of A Dream of a Primaeval Forest is inspired by Felix Salten’s BambiThe Story of a Life in the Forest written in 1923. Killing and fear is a significant element in the story. We can thus conclude that the book was strongly inspired by the deteriorating political situation, growing antisemitism and wartime conflict. In 1935, Bambi was on the Nazi blacklist. From contemporary perspective, it heightens the political allegory depicted through the oppression of the natural world and helpless animals. A Dream of a Primaeval Forest is the graduation project of the final year students at the Department of Puppetry. The set design accentuates ecology; dramaturgically, the production is increasingly in light of the latest developments. It highlights human conflicts, interpersonal intimacy and the restoration of harmony.

Authors: Felix Salten, Joanna Maria Gierdal

Set designer: Laura Černáková

Production: Michaela Cenigová, Francesca Balej

Directress: Joanna Maria Gierdal


Ondrej Gajdoš

Mário Houdek

Ivana Lechmanová

Dávid Selecký

Pedagogical leadership:

MgA. Eva Farkašová (KBT)

Mgr. art. Peter Tilajčík ArtD. (KBT)

Mgr. art. Iveta Konýčková (KDM)

Mgr. art. Denis Farkaš (KDM)

Mgr. art. Zoja Zupková

The production won the 2021/2022 Reflektor Magazine Award in the category Best Puppet Production Set (Laura Čermáková), the ZASP Diploma (Union of Polish Theatre Artists) and the POL UNIMA Honorary Diploma (Polish UNIMA Centre) at the LALKANIELALKA International Festival of Higher Puppetry Schools in Białystok.

Post-performance discussion with production team. Discussion led by Barbora Krajč-Zamišková.