Lecturer: Barbora Jurinová (EDUdrama, SK)

29. 9. 2022 | 9.00 – 13.00

Elementary School Slobodného slovenského vysielača, 8 Skuteckého St

CREATIVE WORKING SESSION on LEARNING THROUGH THEATRE led by theatre lecturers Barbora Jurinová and Veronika Kořínková – Willems (SK). 4 PHASES, application of theatre methods in general learning subjects at elementary schools level 1. Drama techniques that invigorate teaching and deepen knowledge. Workshop for level 1 elementary school teachers and others interested in the subject. Participation on application. In cooperation with the drama centre EDUDrama in Bratislava. 

Each lesson has its own structure related to the content covered. Incorporate energisers into individual phases – techniques that will invigorate the teaching whilst deepening knowledge. Play it out! Through four phases of exploring the content (e.g. literary work, visual image, historical event, conflict situation, or mathematical solutions) – associative perception, analysis of formal execution, content analysis and search for context – you will learn how to set up and incorporate drama education methods in your teaching. Taste them yourself in a creative setting and fun atmosphere.