Sunday | 2. 10. 2022 | 16:00     

Theatre Hall, Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads, 14 Skuteckého St

Czech language I Running time: 45 mins I 6 €  I Age limit: 5+ 

The production, inspired by the renowned textbook Orbis pictus by Johannes Amos Comenius, is a kind of stage introduction to the functioning of the planet Earth. It was prepared by the creative team of Michaela Homolova, the in-house stage director of Naivné divadlo, (e.g. About the Lamb that Fell from the Sky). The subtitle of the production could easily be The Globe in a Box, or more precisely In the Closet. Based on the model of ancient cabinets of curiosities, the actors pull out from individual shelves of the mysterious cabinet more and less familiar artifacts. They bring them to life using the oldest and most traditional puppetry tricks. With these stage miracles and magic, they gradually introduce the children’s audience to the greatest miracles in life around us. For some, it is nature, for others it is human, someone stands in awe at the discoveries and inventions that man has been responsible for during his existence. The biggest miracle, however, is the planet Earth as a whole and its functioning in space.

Concept: Hza Bažant, Michaela Homolová, Filip Homola, Vít Peřina

Dramaturg: Vít Peřina

Set Designer: Hza Bažant

Sound Designer: Filip Homola

Directress: Michaela Homolová


Veronika Košvancová – Khomová

Kristýna Trojanová

Filip Homola

Adam Kubišta

Petr Štěpánek

The fine artist Hza Bažant won the 2020Theatre Critic’s Award in the Set Design category. At the 2021 Mateřinka festival, the production won the Music and Sound Plan Award (Filip Homola) and the Set Design Award (Hza Bažant).