Saturday | 1. 10. 2022 | 14:00

Academy of Arts, Faculty of Dramatical Arts, 95 Horná St

Non-verbal I Running time: 50 mins I 6 € I Age limit 6+

In the aisle, between the stage and auditorium, a violinist in tailcoat is assembling his stand for music sheet. It keeps dropping, but the violinist doesn’t give up. When he succeeds at last, he lays out the music sheet. There are lots of notes, countless indeed. Hence, one score drops to the ground, then another. No easy ride for the violinist. When all is set, violin by his neck and bow in his right hand, the concert to accompany puppet theatre can begin. What puppet theatre? For the happy and the sad. For silly, and the gentle. For the rough, and the tender. What is the puppet show to be about? About Chaplin, of course, Charlie Chaplin and the Tramp, the character of his silent slapsticks. Where will the story of the legendary film character take place? Right in the streets of the city of Košice. Don’t you believe? Then let yourself be surprised. Chaplin as an illusory silent marionette theatre with live musical accompaniment. Chaplin as a series of short marionette slapsticks based on Chaplin’s silent farce from the early days of his film career. Chaplin as a celebration of life, youth, joy, wit, ingenuity, creativity, and freedom.

Adaptation: Braňo Mazúch, Marek Turošík

Dramaturg: Marek Turošík

Set designer: Jan Brejcha

Sound Designer: Vratislav Šrámek

Assistant director: Peter Creek Orgován

Director: Braňo Mazúch


Jana Štafurová

Jana Bartošová

Kristína Medvecká Heretíková

Miroslav Kolbašský

Peter Creek Orgován

Mazúch – M. Turošík: Chaplin – Bábkové divadlo v Košiciach (