Tuesday | 27. 9. 2022 | 14:00

     Auditorium, The Andrej Sládkovič Grammar School, 18 Komenského St

Running time: 70 mins I 6 € 


Knowledge is losing its power today, as the internet brings an abundance of information to our fingertips. Yet, wealth and fame retain their place . They are also offered to Dr Black (Dr Čierny) in the production by The Karol Spišák Old Theatre based in the city of in Nitra. Though the character does not feature in the original story of Faustus, Dr Black is an foremost example of the world of an ordinary contemporary official who cannot resist and, without realising how, he becomes entangled in the nets of those most influential. Is there a way back from such a situation?

Translation: Ivan Gontko

Dramaturg: Nikoleta Hvizd Tužinská

Sound designer: Martin Husovský

Choreographer: Vladislav Benito Šoltýs

Set and puppet designer: Marek Zákostelecký

Director: Marek Zákostelecký


Ivan Gontko / Roman Valkovič,  Juraj Bednarič, Eduard  Valašík, Simon Fico Michal Kalafut / Peter Lupták, guest artist, Martina Slobodová, guest artist / Kristína Povodová, Nikola Kozáková, Danica Hudáková, Oľga Schrameková / Martina Slobodová, guest artist, Ivan Matejovič


Post-performance discussion about literature and theatre. Discussion led by Daniela Brezániová.