Friday | 30. 9. 2022 | 20:00      

Theatre Dance Studio, 12 Komenského St

Non verbal I Running time: 90 mins. I adults 10 €, students 7 €

Panopticon is about the fear of the alien and the unknown, about what we are able to sell and at what price. About borders and moral values ​​based on profit, about fun without fun, about loneliness. But also about laughter, courage, dreams, human dignity, a magician, and spotlights. Panopticons or freak-shows were touring companies travelling from city to city and showing curious objects, skills and, above all, “very odd people”. In the times when panopticons enjoyed their utmost glory, they were the only possible refuge for those who were rejected by society for fear of the unknown and different. Showing those who had nowhere to go was a rich source of income for an impresario – the owner. In a society hungry for human suffering that can offer grand amusement to an entire family, crowds of respectable citizens stood at panopticon’s ticketing boxes. Women would then turn away in revulsion at human anomalies the children covered their eyes in horror, and men looked scornfully into the eyes of creatures barely worthy of being called human. But what if the famous show ceases to be attractive, travelling to remote locations brings smaller profits and a more indifferent audience? What if the performer is no longer the subject of a profitable business? Is he or she becoming a burden and ought to be removed? In what situations does human soul lose value?

Sound Designer: Ivan Acher, Petr Taclík

Set Designer: Jakub Kopecký

Costume Designer: Jakub Kopecký, Simona Rybáková

Lighting  Designer: Michal Kříž, Jakub Kopecký

Illusions: Jiří Marek

Production: Lenka Vagnerová & Company

Co-production: Městská divadla pražská

Concept, Dramaturg, Choreographer and Directress: Lenka Vagnerová


Jana Maroušková / Andrea Opavská

Adam Sojka / Wahe Akopjan 

Monika Částková

Vanda Šípová

Fanny Barrouquère / Zuzana Veselá

Tereza Holubová / Michaela Kadlčíková

Patrik Čermák

Šimon Klus


With the support: Magistrát hlavního města Prahy, Ministerstvo Kultury, EISFABRIK.

The dancer Michal Heriban was nominated for the 2020 Thalia Award for his lead role in the production.


Post-performance discussion with production team. Discussion led by Lucia Kašiarová.