Friday | 30. 9. 2022 | 9:00 and 14:00     

Theatre Hall, Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads, 14 Skuteckého St

Non verbal I Running time: 50 mins I 6 € I Age: 3+

A breath-taking discovery of movements, sounds and colours that are put in circles by magic. You know it: everything has a beginning and an end. But how about a wheel? And a ball? In a chamber space, four players reveal the path to infinity. Where there is a round, there is a round, once there was one around. We will keep rolling, squirming, nicely round, round and round. On the ground or in the air, we test the laws of physics and the unrestrained imagination, to which no laws apply. Balls, wheels or cylinders engage all the senses: they will speak to us with movements, sounds or light. Because there are circles all around us. Everything circulates – relationships, moods, seasons, life, planets. We are all a ball – we are a globe. The visually striking production without words interactively engages children and offers many stimuli for the development of a child’s perception and imagination from the age of 3.

Dramaturg: Peter Galdík

Set Designer: Ivana Macková

Choreographer: Jazmína Piktorová

Sound Designer: Pavol Gajdoš

Concept and Directress: Katarína Aulitisová


Frederika Kašiarová, as guest

Ľuboš Janák

Peter Pavlík

René Sorád

Founded by Fond na podporu umenia.


Post-performance discussion about communication developing with the youngest spectators. Discussion led by Adela Vondráková.