Friday | 30. 9. 2022 | 18:00

Academy of Arts, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, 95 Horná St

French language, Slovak translation available in print

Running time: 50 mins I adults 10 € I students 7 €

The protagonist, Sini, is looking into the future while exploring the past. He asks himself: “Where did we go wrong?” As a modern-day researcher, he tries to build his home away from the society, so  he can at last a dignified life and without having to wait for presents from Santa. Sini wants to build his abode that can withstand the forces of nature and people. He is looking for the right way and form, building and demolishing until exhaustion. Angry and tired of this eternal carousel, he loses faith in the living and decides to call upon the dead to help him understand the incongruities of life and to find answers. Will he find them? Will he build the house of his dreams?

Music concept and performer: Simon Winsé

Lighting Designer: Christoph Sigenthaler

Set Designer: Yssouf Yaguibou

Masks: Djibril Ouattara

Concept and Director: Mamadou Soma


Mamadou Soma


Post- performance discussion with production team.