Lecturer: Barbora Jurinová (EDUdrama, SK)

26. 9. 2022 | 9.00 – 13.00

The Andrej Sládkovič Grammar School, 18 Komenského St

CREATIVE WORKING SESSION on LEARNING THROUGH THEATRE led by theatre lecturers Barbora Jurinová and Veronika Kořínková – Willems (SK). THEATRE CLASSICS IN THE GRAPHIC NOVEL for secondary school teachers and others interested in the subject. Participation on application. In cooperation with the Theatre Institute in Bratislava. 

The legendary love story, moreover, in a comic book! Likely to enthral students. As teachers, we often pain ourselves how to captivate our learners, if the study matter is a text in verse, moreover in an odd word order, full of metaphors and lines. At the workshop, we will test activation methods inspired by theatre and stage text prepared directly for your teaching. This is not a stage adaptation of the text, but a set of techniques and exercises that stir students to understand character and situation, its nature, ways out, and solve problem situation/conflict. At first glance, not all activities may be directly related to Shakespeare’s text. Yet, in a shared context, they create a plastic image, motivate students and aid deeper understanding of the plot. 

Moreover, together we might even discover new meanings for Romeo and Juliet … 

The workshop Romeo and Juliet in Graphic Novel (Stage Classics in the Graphic Novel) was created within the framework of the learning programme for secondary school student. It is implemented by the Theatre Institute as part of the international project Classics in the Graphic Novel. The workshop was prepared by the EDUdrama association in April and May 2022 and was attended by students of the 1.G class of The C.S. Lewis Bilingual Grammar School in Bratislava. 

The Theatre Institute participates in the international project Classics in Graphic Novel together with the Slovenian Theatre Institute from Ljubljana and The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw with kind support from the European Union within the Creative Europe – Support for European Cooperation Projects 2019 scheme.