Lecturer: Michaela Váňová (Minor Theatre, CZ)

27. 9. 2022 | 9.00 – 13.00

Elementary School Slobodného slovenského vysielača, 8 Skuteckého St

CREATIVE WORKING SESSION on LEARNING THROUGH THEATRE led by theatre lecturer Michaela Váňová (CZ). THEATRE OF ATTITUDE OR FORUM THEATRE AND ITS USE IN TEACHING as part of personality development and social upbringing. For teachers at elementary schools level 2, and others interested in the subject. Participation on application. In cooperation with the Minor Theatre in Prague. 

All of us feel oppressed at some point in our lives. Be that internally or externally. Forum theatre is a technique that teaches us to recognise and confront oppression. It teaches us to look for a solution strategy in difficult situations. Brazilian stage artist Augusto Boal created forum theatre as a tool to stimulate the society. It can help teachers with personal development – learners’ social skills, critical thinking, facilitation of sound atmosphere in classroom, as well as deepening of their own pedagogical self-reflection. As this theatre & teaching technique rests in the question “What possibilities do I have to change something?”, our work will be conceived through experiences. We will see examples of forum theatre productions, get acquainted with the fundamental principles of oppression, and try to find a solving strategy. The creative working session aims to point out that, if it is possible to change what is happening in the world of fiction, an individual can achieve the same in real life.